Trails Guiding Course – Walk No.1

Well, I did it!

Everyone – that knows me – knows that walking is not my forte. But I enjoyed my first Trails Guiding Course walk and I not even too tired. We tried to find Rhino or Buffalo but were not successful tonight. Nevertheless we saw a beautiful small flower (Impala Lily) and a group of the smallest predator on the Sabi Sands Game Reserve (Dwarf Mongoose).

PS: All pictures on the walks are being taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS-10. I do not carry an SLR on the walks. Also, if you like to know more about the Trails Guiding Course go to A great experience, even if you do it for fun and not for professional reasons.

2 Replies to “Trails Guiding Course – Walk No.1”

  1. Christian that a nice size group,not too few and not too many. Pretty flowers.Too cute the littleones watching you!!

  2. The flower stands out even more because of its contrast with all things brown and tan – even the humans. Are people told to wear those colors – or lack of – so as to not stand out?

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