First Dangerous Game Encounter

Walks 2, 3, 4 and 5 – Trails Guiding Course – Africa Nature Training on Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Well, so far it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed all the walks very much, even if I ended up very tired and with a few blisters 🙂

In the last three days we walked almost 29 km (~ 18 miles) in approximately 15 hours. We had four dangerous game encounters (1x Elephant and 3x Rhino) and saw some animals I had never seen before (e.g. Lesser Spotted Eagle and Giant Plated Lizard) or which I had never gotten close to (e.g. Dwarf Mongoose)

This afternoon I did my first walk as Backup Guide. This means carrying a rifle and being in charge of the group of walkers when the Lead Guide is busy tracking and/or dealing with a dangerous game approach/extraction. I got a good review from our trainer Andre 🙂

The picture shows the first dangerous game encounter during this course. This White Rhino female is quite the unfriendly type, so we kept our distance (around 60 meters = 150 feet). She knew something/someone was there but we extracted before she decided to follow-up!

PS: All pictures on the walks are being taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS-10. I do not carry an SLR on the walks. Also, if you like to know more about the Trails Guiding Course go to A great experience, even if you do it for fun and not for professional reasons.

6 Replies to “First Dangerous Game Encounter”

  1. Very interesting Christian. I look forward to your blog each time it comes out. Keep up the good work.

    Charlie McKay

    1. First Rule : Do not run! – That would kill you for sure.
      Second: Make sure the animal has an escape route before you approach
      Third: Make sure you have an escape point (tree or termite hill) in reachable distance
      Fourth: If she gets to close make some noise (man made sound like hitting the camera against the gun barrel) – that will most likely scare her off.

      The best approaches are if the animal does not know you are there (that is the goal of good guiding).

      Thanks for the question!

  2. Hi Chris,
    That sounds awesome….Von and I have just about finished all our 18 modules ( Taken 9 months so far ) and have our 2 week practical starting on the 27th September…..Eish, two old bullets like us are going to be pushed, but we will cope….. I hope!

    I see you suggest no SLR’s…. Is that optional or is it their rule?

    Tim Driman

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