Caught in the Trap

On Tuesday morning the camera trap (in front of my tent) picked up this Hyena (it was at 1:30am in the morning). I was sound asleep at the time but it only passed a few meters (feet) from my feet.

The night sounds around my tent are incredible. Before I go to sleep I can hear all kinds of animals calling including sometimes Leopards, Hyena and Elephants! What a place :-).

I will finish the first half of my course on Friday and then I will be back at Nkombe camp for the second part after the Advanced Rifle Handling Course, the Land Rover Driving Course and the Snake Handling Course.

3 Replies to “Caught in the Trap”

  1. I bet the sounds are awesome at night. If all was quite and that Hyena let out his call being so close to the tent I would have jumped straight up about 2-3 feet!! and you probably would keep on sleeping.Hope that you have enjoyed course 1. Hopefully course 2 will give your blisters time to heal. I don’t believe I could do the snake handling course. Have Fun ,Be Safe.

  2. Snake handling class? Good luck with it, but you really missed your chance to learn from the pro’s when you lived here in Nashville. You could have gone to east TN and found plenty of ‘snake handlers.’

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