I have promised to post some pictures of Thanda after the recent rains.

These three pictures of Giraffes on the savanna, a White Rhino  on a grassy hill top and an Elephant bull in between Fever trees show Thanda animals in their “new juicy” environment.



Have a good weekend!

PS: If you are wondering why most of the Giraffe stare in the same direction. They were watching two Cheetah males lying under a tree :-).

5 Replies to “Green!”

  1. Would this be the same journey of Giraffe that pass right behind your place?If so do you ever hear them fighting during the nightime hours? The fighting sounds are so brutial,makes my bones hurt to hear them.Have a great one.

  2. Love the giraffes…I got that from the time we took photos of the little one with her mom during that photography class…plus being able to feed the male.

    Great photos!

    Thanks, Kathy

  3. They look happy – as you must be also!

    Thanks for all the wonderful e-mails. They are the best reason to check my daily mail.

    Take care of yourself,



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