Elephant Road Block

When I left Thanda House today to drive over to Base Camp I hit a bit of traffic. But my delay was not caused by other cars but by our herd of Elephants. And just as I stopped the car and got my camera out – never leave home without it 🙂 – our youngest herd member crossed the road. He got a bit excited and I could confirm that we got a little boy!

12 Replies to “Elephant Road Block”

  1. What a nice site to see, They really protect that baby boy! Well worth the delay, I’m sure. Do you have any problems with poaching on the reserve? Saw on news today that 455 rinos have been killed by poachers so far this year So sad!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      As every reserve we have poaching going on. We have a “Anti-Poaching-Unit” in place and so far we have not lost any Rhinos on Thanda itself, but on a neighboring property which we manage we lost some. Unfortunately this year will be a record year for Rhino poaching. No wonder, if the price for a kilogram of Rhino horn is higher than for Gold.

  2. Lovely herd and the little guy is precious! I’ve been in a “situation” with this kind of road block….it ended well but there was a distinct possibility it could not have gone that well.

  3. Awesome picture of the generations within the herd, and how closely the little fella is protected.Mom must have gotten abit hungry along the way! In picture #2 Do you know what kind of flowers are to the right of the picture?In pic #1 Is that what a stop sign looks like in Africa,or is it a sign with another meaning?Have a Great Day!!

      1. Thanks Christian, It’s neat learning little tidbits about South Africa, and how things are different there than in the US.

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