Flight or Fight?

20130405 - CS3_0790 - E - SIG

Whenever I look into a Buffalo bull’s eyes I see a pendulum swinging in its head:

Flight Fight Flight Flight Flight Fight Flight Fight Flight Fight Flight Fight Flight Fight ….

And if you are on foot it better stop on “Flight”. Buffalo’s are one of the few mammals that will attack without warning.  So it is important to respect these formidable creatures and keep the appropriated distance 🙂

I really like this Buffalo picture I took on Thursday at the Tembe Elephant Park.

6 Replies to “Flight or Fight?”

  1. Hi Christian, I have now follow you for a couple of months and I must say that you pictures are very beautiful, and this picture of a Buffalo, is from my point of view very impressive as well and a very beautiful animal, but respectfully. I must ask you from what distance is this photo taken?
    Best regards from Sweden, still winter! /Kenthy

  2. Fantastic! And that bit of grass really adds to it! I’m still eating my heart out with jealousy!

  3. This photo is fascinating. It looks like an old buffalo with its pitted horns and maybe, has lice. Its hair is very thin in places. I love the look in its eyes. Thank you for sharing your images.

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