Fill up, get cool and move on!

Imagine you are an Elephant Bull living at Tembe Elephant Park.

It is midday and you are due for a service 🙂  You move to the largest of the
waterholes …

1 - 20130405 - CS2_8738 - E

… and fill up with fresh water while some human tourist watch you 

3 - 20130405 - CS3_1100 - E

… you meet a few of your pals, some of them friendly and some of them are ready for a fight…

2 - 20130405 - CS2_8931 - E

… you finish your drink and do a little light sparring…

4 - 20130405 - CS3_1205 - E

… you move on to the “cool down” mud bath. Some big shots are in front of you so you have to wait your turn…

5 - 20130405 - CS3_1111 - E

… what a great feeling to cool down in the heat of the day …

6 - 20130405 - CS3_1065 - E

… you chase a Wildebeest around a bit – just for fun …

7 - 20130405 - CS2_8683 - E

… and have a little dust shower…

8 - 20130405 - CS3_0902 - E

… and now it is time you move back into the bush to continue your on-going
meal (about 350kg per day).

20130405 - CS2_8531 - E


Today I have observed this scenario 14 times at Tembe Elephant Park. All 14 bulls adhered to the same procedure – creatures of habit!

Have a good weekend!

4 Replies to “Fill up, get cool and move on!”

  1. Wonderful pictures and story line. Thanks for sharing that, Christian. I so enjoy getting these “suprise gifts” every day. At least that is how I think of them.

  2. Christian what awesome pictures and story.Seems like you had a great time. Tembe also has a great Africam it’s awesome to watch and to hear all the animal sounds and at nite you may not get so see the animals depending on the angle of the cam, but I love to hear the sounds of them splashing around in the water and try to imagine which animal is visiting the waterhole for a mid-night swim.Have a Great One !! Thanks for sharing your story and pictures with everyone.

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