20130418 - Collage 2007 - THANDA

Great news for Cheetah conservation. A Cheetah female on Thanda Private Game Reserve gave birth to four cubs. Yesterday we managed to get pictures of the five weeks old cubs for the first time. They played around a thicket in which their mum hides them when she goes hunting.

The collage shows a few images of the cubs and the mother. Theses pictures were taken with 910 mm lens length across a valley  (hence the marginal quality :-)).

20130418 - CS1_9402 - E - SIGEnjoy your weekend!

11 Replies to “Success!”

    1. Thanks for the great time we had at Thanda, Thanks to you and Bheki we had some awesome sightings.


  1. So Proud of Katsa our Cheetah….she is beautiful. The two “”boys”” are now dad and uncle…..they are also enjoying the new introduction of Impalas introduced last week to Thanda.

  2. I love baby anything. Don’t think I have ever seen baby cheetah pictures. Thanks for sending these along. I always enjoy your excellent pictures and writings.

  3. Very exciting wonderful for the cheetahs keep us updated on their progress
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  4. OMG! They are adorable! I happy you got good photos of them and shared them with us… Precious little beings! I love them! Indeed Great for Cheetah Conservation!

  5. The little ones are always Too Cute and lots of fun to watch. Hope you get many opportunities to see these guys.

  6. I envy the fact that you can get close enough to capture their beauty through photography. You do a pretty job raising awareness and protecting these precious beings. Cheers for that!

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