I am big and you better watch it!

20130516 - CS2_0816 - E - SIG

This small male White Rhino calf put us in our place!

He came right up to the vehicle (which was standing below his level) and showed us his “big” horn, jumped up and down and snorted a bit. When we did not react he retreated quickly back to mum. She was undisturbed by his “manly behavior”.

They were grazing in a beautiful area surrounded by trees. A fabulous sighting for my guests.

20130516 - CS2_0831 - E - SIG


20130516 - CS2_0840 - E - SIG

3 Replies to “I am big and you better watch it!”

  1. Lv the little rhino and his manly behaviour
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  2. Christian, wir freuen uns immer ueber die grossartigen Photos and denken an die Zeit in Thanda..

  3. Oh how precious the little manly calf, being all brave snorting and all… Awhhh… Much more adorable at this age, than when he’s full grown acting like a big bull Rhino! Oh My! Smiles…

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