Lions and Leopards on My Mind!

Lions and Leopards On My Mind - SIG

I was playing with various images today and this is a resulting collage. I have called it “Lions and Leopards on My Mind”.

PS: I will not be at Thanda from 20 May until 10 June so there will be less Wildlife posts during that time (I will be in Europe on vacation :-)).

10 Replies to “Lions and Leopards on My Mind!”

  1. I love it. It’s just Awesome, it so fits.Be safe in your travel and have a great relaxing vacation.

  2. Enjoy your vacation.  Maybe you will post some of your vacation pictures for us.  I DO enjoy the pictures of Thanda.  Did you hear Chris, our education coordinator will be leaving  Nashville Zoo for Oregon  in about a month. Darla



  3. Very clever collage like it have a wonderful holiday in Europe will miss your blog
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  4. Looks appropriate for you (and me if I were there with the animals every day) I’d be dreaming about them too!

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