Almost back!

I will be leaving for South Africa tomorrow evening, so I thought I post a few of the animal images I took at the Zurich Zoo. I have also included a picture of a stag which I took in a small local deer park.

I enjoyed my vacation in Europe – even if it was very cold and wet – and now I am looking forward to going back to the African bush 🙂

20130603 - CS3_0360 - E 1Oriental Short-clawed Otter

20130603 - CS3_0369 - E 1

20130603 - CS3_0377 - E 1Indian Lion

20130603 - CS3_0500 - E 1Red Phanda

20130603 - CS3_0504 - E 1Egyptian Vulture

20130603 - CS3_0622 - EPanther Chameleon

20130603 - CS3_0638 - E 3Red Deer Stag

6 Replies to “Almost back!”

  1. Enjoyed the zoo photos always enjoy the animals and your hol photos but it will be nice to have you back at thanda and all the wild animals in the bush
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  2. I’m glad you had a good, but cold, time on your holiday. As usual you’ve given us some wonderful photos. I envy your travels and talent. Of course you know that I especially appreciate your photo of the red panda.. Oh to travel to India and see them in the wild would be a dream come true. Thank you so much for the next best thing to actually being there!

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