At the Nashville Zoo …

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Yesterday I gave a presentation about my first year in Africa to the Nashville Zoo staff and docents. It went well. The audience enjoyed the sights from Thanda and my comments :-).

Earlier in the day I had a look at the Clouded Leopard cubs at the zoo. This youngster played with me for a while, somewhat roughly 🙂

My visit to Nashville is almost over and I enjoyed meeting with friends and visiting the zoo. Next week I will travel back to South Africa.

… and thanks to Heather I got a picture with me and the cub!

16 Replies to “At the Nashville Zoo …”

  1. Safe travels “home”. So very sorry I missed you. There are great memories … Karen

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  2. Too cute! Now who’s the cutie here, it maybe hard to say!! Sorry to have missed your visit. I tried, would have loved to have heard you speak at the crawl. Have a safe trip home and as always Take Care and Have A Great One.

    1. Hello Lisa, I am very sorry that I missed you at the zoo. Unfortunately the phone reception is not very good around the Croft Center and I only got your voice message later in the afternoon. Thanks again for all your kind comments on my blog. All the best – Christian

  3. It was good to see you and thanks for the great presentation about your 1st year at Thanda. I look forward to see year 2. I am happy to see you doing well.

  4. Great pic. So sorry I missed you during your short visit. I was “enjoying the 4th of July” in the rain at Center Hill lake. Just got back to Nashville.


  5. It was really great seeing you at the Art Crawl! You should plan on an annual visit from now on!


  6. Wonderful leopard cub most beautiful markings so lucky to be able to hold it
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  7. Sorry I missed you while you we’re in town! I have been wanting to purchase 3 more photographs. Can you tell me how to do that? ( I have the one with the buffalo with his tongue on his nose!)
    Many thanks and safe travels!!

  8. What a good photo of you and the clouded leopard cub! OMG what a cutie! It’d be worth a couple bites and scratches to play with one for a bit! Going behind the scenes at a zoo is awesome isn’t it? 😉

    1. Thanks for your comment Deb – Yep, I love the little cubs (even if they gave me a bit of an allergy attack :-() – Here in Africa I do not get quite that close 🙂

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