A very lucky day!

This morning’s game drive on Ithala was excellent.

First I saw a lot of Baboons on a newly burned area …

20130727 - CS1_9944 - E - SIG

… the I got some great shots of a Secretary Bird …

20130727 - CS2_0079 - E - SIG

… and finally I found a small breeding herd of Elephants near one of the waterholes …

20130727 - CS3_9931 - E - SIG

20130727 - CS2_0104 - E - SIG

… and as per Ithala rule I kept my distance (over 30 meters from the herd). But one cow did not like me looking at all and chased me down the road. She was quite serious in her attack (ears back, trunk rolled up, so sound and fast takeoff). While driving with my left hand and watching her in the mirror I took a picture with my point and shoot camera out of the window at 40 kph…

20130727 - P1020966 - E - SIG

An exciting morning at Ithala. I will be back!

7 Replies to “A very lucky day!”

    1. Thanks for your comment Lisa – Well, Elephants have no territory, but she sure did not want me around. I kept my distance, but she did not want to even see me, so I left 🙂

  1. You were very lucky indeed Christian, Ithala’s elephants aren’t often seen. Maybe that’s why they get agitated with humans ogling them from their vehicles so easily (we’ve been charged by an Ithala elephant as well, they’re relentless!)

    1. Thanks for your comment – well if people keep viewing them from a distance and keep their distance the viewing may improve in time (without charges 🙂

      1. That’s very true Christian, and we like the effort Ithala’s staff take to educate their visitors of just that fact.

        In our case we surprised a youngish bull coming around a corner and on a downhill slope, on the road going down into the Pongola valley, which understandably triggered an immediate charge. He was very determined to press home the issue – this was no “mock charge”.

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