Lions and Wine!

20130812 - CS3_3557 - E - SIG

With two guest from Germany – staying for 12 nights at Thanda – we planned some game drives in rather remote areas of the reserve. When we drove in a very hilly area we spotted a Black Rhino moving fast across the opposite site of a valley.

20130812 - CS3_3563 - E - SIG

When we went off road down a slope to follow up we spotted one of Thanda’s pride of Lions lounging on the other side. We decided to lounge as well and my guests had some wine and snacks while watching the Lions. The Black Rhino had disappeared by this time into a very thick area – as they usually do. A very special game drive. Lions at sunset with a glass of red in your hands!

4 Replies to “Lions and Wine!”

  1. Looks like you had a great drive!! Christian out of the Rhino, which is the rarest to spot at Thanda the Black or White Rhino? Have a Great One and enjoy your romote game drives.

  2. Could think of no better way to spend my time 12 days at Thanda and drinks in the sunset wonderful
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