Mummy, get him!

Imagine you are a Baby Elephant …

20131006 - CS1_0338 - E - SIG

“Well, today is a very windy and cold morning. We were all were pretty thirsty and moving towards a waterhole …

20131006 - CS1_0323 - E - SIG

… when grandma spotted a Lion …

20131006 - CS1_0331 - E - SIG

… We do not like them! …

20131006 - CS1_0356 - E

Mummy started walking really fast, trumpeting and everything. Great!  …

20131006 - CS1_0338 - E - SIG

… I love a good chase and I ran as fast as I could – keeping up with mum. But we did not get him 😦 

Grandma decided to turn back towards the water. 

Maybe next time 🙂 “

20131006 - CS1_0393 - E - SIG

This is a “record” of an exciting Elephant/Lion chase at Thanda Private Game Reserve, enjoyed by many Thanda guests on a very windy morning.

4 Replies to “Mummy, get him!”

  1. That is just the most cutest baby elephant and a wonderfully told story certainly brightens up a chilly Monday
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  2. Cute story from the eyes of the baby elephant,glad it turned out good for him. I’m sure it was an exciting morning for you too. The lion looks as if he has already had a big meal. So maybe they didn’t need to worry at all. Have A Great One.

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