Hunter or hunted?

20140105 - CS1_6851 - E - SIG

We had some great sightings this morning – First a herd of Buffalo enjoying themselves at a Waterhole, then four Lions trying to hunt some Buffalo and finally three White Rhino enjoying the sun after a mud bath. The guests on my vehicle were especially impressed with the Lion-Buffalo interaction. It was not always clear who was the hunter, and who the hunted? The Lions gave up at the end and the Buffalo moved on.

20140105 - Collage 1031 - E

At one time we could see all three “Big Five” species from one spot : looking to the left > the Lions / looking straight on > the Buffalo / looking to the right > the Rhinos. The three landscape images below were taken without moving the vehicle!

20140105 - Collage 1008 - E - SIG

2 Replies to “Hunter or hunted?”

  1. Hi Christian, I know it has been a long time since I responded but I look forward to your daily post and often share the really special ones with my Cookeville Camera Club. I heard through the grapevine that you are going to be speaking to the Brentwood or Nashville Club??? in February. Les and I will try to get there to see you. Just know that I consider your post the equivalent of opening a gift every single day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. Love that you are living your dream…be happy and stay safe!

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