Difference in size!

20140128 - CS1_0102 - E - THANDA

This picture shows an interesting comparison between an adult male and an adult female African Elephant. Size is the most significant visual sign of Elephants’ sexual dimorphism.

On the left is one of Thanda oldest and largest bulls (he his almost 50 years old) and on the right is Thanda’s oldest and largest female (she is around 40 years old). The female, a tusk-less African Elephant, is the matriarch of Thanda’s herd of Elephant.

5 Replies to “Difference in size!”

  1. She looks like a baby compared to him…you need to get one of all three side by side. I would not have imagined that difference in sizes even after all the images you have shared. Thanks for the comparison….very interesting.

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