With all senses!


20140222 - CS1_1267 - E - THANDA

If you shut your eyes and hold your ears closed you can experience a Lion’s roar through the stomach 🙂

When – at sunrise this morning – Thanda’s dominant male started roaring only a few meters from our game drive vehicle all conversation stopped and everyone on the vehicle held their breath until the call was completed. This was not a beginner’s roar, but the territorial call of a dominant male. One does not have to hear it, one can feel it.

20140222 - CS1_1210 - E - THANDA

I have included a small sound bite of the roar – click on either of the images to hear the Lion. But it is only a poor representation of the amazing feeling when experiencing such a Lion’s roar with all ones senses.

What a morning!

4 Replies to “With all senses!”

  1. Great shots and it was wonderful that you included the sound clip. It’s a little chilling, though, to think of hearing that call at close range.

  2. HI Chris These are wonderful photos.  Thanks for allowing me to see them Darla


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