Nashville Zoo Memories

20140612 - CS0_2039 - E

I promised a few more images from my recent trip to the USA. I am still working on sorting out all the images, but I had to put these four together to a collage. Thanks to Chris M. for taking me around the zoo during my visit to see all my old friends.

As much as I love my cats at home (Lion, Leopard and Cheetah) I miss the Eurasian Lynx, the Bengal Tigers, the Clouded Leopards and the Cougars/Mountain Lions at the Nashville Zoo. Jackson, the old gentlemen in this picture (mountain lion) is one of my favourite (and one of Heather’s favourite, too :-).

5 Replies to “Nashville Zoo Memories”

  1. I love them all. The Eurasian Lynx is so beautiful, the clouded leopard… cool shot & angle looking up at him. The Cougar is awesome, you caught him with quite a stare! Uhmm, I love tigers so, so much, it looks like that one meant business!

  2. Awesome pics. She maybe yawning, but she looks like she could eat you up. And Jackson is such a beautiful cat. One of my all time favorite cat being the Clouded Leopard.

  3. Thanks for the picture ofJackson.  He is my favorite big cat at the Nashville zoo  

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