And the difference is …

Lion Cubs


Well, they are of different age and the pictures were taken in different light (therefore the colour difference). But here is the major difference:

The little Lion on the left lives with his family (The North Pride) at Thanda Private Game Reserve in South Africa.  The small one on the right lives with his family at the Zoo in Basel, Switzerland. The one lives in the wild with all its dangerous and its beauty, the other one lives in captivity, at full board and with a health care plan 🙂

Congratulations to Peter Mettler, who got the correct answer!

… and now the bonus question, what is so special about this one?

20140531 - CS2_1259


4 Replies to “And the difference is …”

  1. It looks like she is female.
    and….she looks like a “senior citizen”, old, and wise !
    correct or not ??
    The full neck and head could be that of a Liger, but I can’t be sure.

  2. Kate got it right 🙂 Congratulations!
    This is an Asiatic Lion. There are only a few hundred of these beautiful cats left in the wild. This one lives at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland!

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