Thanda Cats

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Watching Africa’s iconic large cats – Lion, Leopard and Cheetah – is always a special treat on any safari. But these three sighting were even more exciting than usual. First we saw Thanda’s dominant male Lion mating with the oldest female of the Mduna pride. Then we observed a young Cheetah female doing what Cheetahs ‘never do’, climbing up a tree trunk. And last but not least we sat with a relaxed and very beautiful male Leopard for quite a while, in broad day light!

A pleasure for the Thanda guests and great picture opportunities for all Wildlife photographers among them!

5 Replies to “Thanda Cats”

    1. Thanks for the question – no, these were taken on three different drive an three consecutive days (Lions in the evening | Cheetah in the morning | Leopard in the evening)

  1. Hi Christian,

    Seeing these awesome Cats in person was the highlight of my trip to Thanda! I Seeing the Leopards was outstanding; It was one of those events that teaches to expect the unexpected!

    The lions are so powerful and majestic… Each sighting of the lions became another reminder to expect the unexpected”.

    Oh, and the cheetah 🙂 Beautiful, elegant, and another surprise when the cheetah climbed the tree.

    Thank you for the blog you write. Makes me feel like I’m still there.

    Deb Many-Carson

    1. I am glad you enjoyed your stay at Thanda and the Blog. It was a pleasure to host all of you during your stay. I will send you some more images as soon as possible. All the best and see you again, soon.

  2. Christian
    Our day number four was precious. Black Rhino, White Rhino, Lioness calling their cubs, Lions mating and finishing off with three leopards was beyond belief. I had a wonderful time. Thanks young man.

    Mike Carson

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