Europe 2017

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What a trip!

These are a few pictures from my trip to Germany and Switzerland. I have arrived on 25 April and I will leave on 8 May (next Monday). Being with my family and many friends is great. I enjoy every minute even if my scale will tell a tough story once I get home 🙂

25 April – Arrival in Switzerland … (iPhone 6Plus)
26 April – Snow in April at my parents’ house … (iPhone 7Plus)
27 April – Dinner in Bad Saeckingen with my brothers and friends – just opposite the church … (iPhone 7 plus)
28 April – Presentation about ‘ZULULAND – Wildlife and People in South Africa’ in Switzerland … (Pictures by Peter K. Weber)
29 April – Lunch at one of my favorite restaurants – ‘The Old Swiss House’ in Lucerne, Switzerland (with my favorite Schnitzel dish) … (iPhone 7 Plus)
30 April – A sunny day with a beautiful view of the Alps … (iPhone 7 Plus)
1 May – An excellent ballet evening at the Zurich Opera House – world class performance… (iPhone 7 Plus)
1 May – ‘Quintett’ Ballet at the Zurich Opera House … (iPhone 7 Plus)
2 Mai – A freshly picked blooming peony – Spring is on the way… (iPhone 7 Plus)
3 May – Enjoying a ‘Monet’ exhibition at the Beyeler Foundation near Basel (me with one of my favorite Monet paintings)… (iPhone 7 Plus)
3 Mai – Rodin and Monet – two of my favorites …. (iPhone 7 Plus)
4 Mai – A visit at the Basel Zoo – their new Elephant exhibit is impressive… (Canon 1D Mark IV)
4 May – What a colorful bird from Australia … (Canon 1D Mark IV)
4 May – A restaurant with a view at the Basel Zoo … (Canon 1D Mark IV)

… and for the food lovers among you here a list of just a few dishes from all the lunches and dinners, so far …

  • Creamy asparagus soups
  • Mushroom and vegetable risottos
  • Local venison with hand-made ‘Spaetzle’
  • ‘Old Swiss House’ veal schnitzel with noodles
  • Peking Duck
  • Local beef, cooked to perfection, with roasted potatoes and salad
  • ‘Zurich Geschnetzeltes’ with roesti
  • German sausage salad
  • Home made spaghetti bolognese
  • ‘Muinch Weisswuerste’ with fresh pretzels
  • ‘Meringue Glace’
  • ‘Panna Cotta’
  • Pavlova with raspberries and passion fruit

I love health food 🙂

More to come ….


5 Replies to “Europe 2017”

  1. The view from your parents house and the church in BS brought back many wonderful memories. Especially the two times your parents invited me over for home cooked meals. Jam know

    Jack Wilson Sent from my iPad


  2. Love all the pics! And the great dishes you are eating. Miss you here in Nashville

  3. Looks like you had a good time going to all your favorite places. Great pictures.

  4. …….. schnitzle and a little bit of culture……Awesome!!! Glad you are enjoying the good things in life. Best to all your family.

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