world RHINO day

Today is World Rhino Day – I am celebrating the day by posting my favorite Rhino picture ever.

I took thousands of images of these incredible creatures over the year and this one is by no means technically perfect – but it is my favorite!

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography

7 Replies to “world RHINO day”

  1. Love the rhino picture!! My twin and I met you at the Nashville Zoo. So glad you helped us take better pics!! Thanks!

  2. Christian…HAPPY WORLD RHINO DAY, here’s to hoping for a peaceful day, week, month, year, etc, for these magnificent gentle souls.
    Is this a picture I could buy a copy of from you? Rhinos are my absolute favourite wild animal and I am closely following their pleas and supporting efforts to combat poaching. Would love to have this pic beside the one of the lion I already bought from you. Thank you Christian

    Sylvie Lietz

  3. I agree Christian. A beautiful picture of the most incredible animals against a mist background. Well done.

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