I usually get up around 4:30am but today Lion roars coming from directly in front of my room woke me up half an hour early. I quickly got ready and went out with the Green Mamba (my safari vehicle) to find the sources of the sounds. After a few minutes I caught up with our two dominant males who were in a roaring match with the neighbor’s cats.

For the next four hours I kept trailing them on their morning territorial walk. I will put together video footage and pictures from this magical morning and post it soon. For today I have combined one of my favorite pictures taken around 5:15am under a starry sky while they performed a roaring duet next to my car.

I recommend you close your eyes for half a minute and enjoy the amazing sound!

Stay safe.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari


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