Together with his coalition partner this Cheetah male was stalking Wildebeests. I was too far away with the wrong lenses ☹️ to get any usable images of the subsequent chase.

But all of us were very surprised when the two Cheetahs came running over the ridge the other way a few seconds later, being pursued by two agitated Zebras. The Cheetahs ran flat out into a nearby thicket and did not reappear for a long time. It was one of these situation when the predators better get out of the way of prey if they know what is good for them 😊

PS: Adult Zebras are too large to be prey for Cheetah but Zebra foals are very much on the menu list. Result: Angry Zebras

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari


  1. Thank you for always teaching us about the habits of wildlife. I really didn’t know this fact about adult zebras not being prey.

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