For the last two months many bird lovers have enjoyed my daily WhatsApp bird quiz. In total I did 67 posts with over 200 birds to be identified. This quiz (#1) will continue for all who had signed up originally with various pictures and birds daily. If you are one of the recipients then you can ignore the rest of this message.

But quite a few people have asked me recently if I could re-start the quiz from the beginning so they get to identify all the 200 birds.

Well, here we go …

If you have received this message on WhatsApp then just reply to this post with ‘Quiz2’ and I will add you to the Broadcast Listing for the quiz #2.

If you read this on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or My Blog) then send me your WhatsApp phone number to +27633294323 or via any other type of messages and I will add you to the Broadcast Listing for the quiz #2.

The quiz #2 will start on 15 October 2020.

Have fun 😊🐦

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