A trip of a lifetime to help South Africa!

As all of you know the South African tourist industry has been very badly hit by all the COVID-19 measures around the world. Especially the need for quarantine in many countries upon return from South Africa has made it very difficult for any of you to plan a holiday in our beautiful country (even for fully vaccinated people).

Germany (and I am sure many other countries will follow) have changed the rules this month and re-entry quarantine is no longer required when traveling from Africa!

If you always wanted to go on Safari, if have saved your travel money during all the month of lockdown, and if you want to help a country in need then now is the best time ever to come to South Africa.

Thanda Safari (reservations@thanda.co.za) and Pakamisa Private Game Reserve (res@pakamisa.co.za) are two prime destinations for an unforgettable visit to the wild! … and they are my two of my favorite places on earth!

Contact them or me if you have any questions or if you need help with planning a trip to KwaZulu Natal, my incredible South African home province on the Indian Ocean (WhatsApp +27633294323).

Thanks and have a good week!

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