On the move …

It does not happen often, that I post twice a day. But I really like this short video of this morning’s sighting of the Mduna Elephant herd at Thanda Safari. So I thought I share it right away 😊

Music: March of the Elephants by Root.

Technical data: Canon R6 with EF lens 500mm L 4K Video 50Fps

#amazingwildlife #africansafari #safarigetaway #christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari #big5 #gamereserve #wildlifephotography #learnphotography

4 Replies to “On the move …”

  1. Your big cat pictures are always my favorite, but this video of elephants has become my close second favorite. Keep up the beautiful work ! Nancy Carter.

  2. This looks like the same herd that came to drink at the pool near the restaurant when I was there. Is it that herd?

  3. Really enjoyed the elephant herd walks to the water. Since being on safaris in Africa, seeing these magnificent creatures is a blessing to watch.

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