Giraffe and Cheetah

Day 2 of driving the photography volunteers was great!

In this picture five of the volunteers are taking pictures of a Giraffe bull (we were in a Buffalo sighting at the time :-). My colleague Simo is driving the Land Rover in the picture. The other five volunteers were in my car.

In the afternoon I took a picture of a male Cheetah. He was resting with his brother in the shade of a tree on the savanna.

Enjoy the pictures!



3 Replies to “Giraffe and Cheetah”

  1. Giraffe are my all time favorite…they are just so bizarre and there is nothing else out there in the wild like them. When Les and I were in Kruger years ago we were amazed that sometimes you could be right on top of them without noticing them because you tend to be looking just above ground level for things and their legs can look like trees. No chance on missing this one! Great photo! The cheetah is amazing as well. No wonder you couldn’t wait to get over there.

  2. Amazing just how close you can be to the wild. The guys in the photo look so small next to the giraffe. Almost toy like.Great pic.I like it.

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