A Game Drive in Pictures!

This is the picture story of today’s evening game drive.

After leaving the camp we first encountered Giraffes with Oxpeckers on them.

We moved on to view a large group of Zebra.

Then we spotted an Elephant bull while we were looking for …

… the herd of Buffalo. The volunteers on my vehicle were most impressed when we were surrounded by one of the “Big Five”.

And while we were viewing the Buffalo we heard about a Cheetah sighting at a waterhole nearby.

After the Cheetah left we stayed until the sun was gone to take a few beautiful pictures of the sunset over the dam.

Another hard day in Africa 🙂

12 Replies to “A Game Drive in Pictures!”

  1. Sure…jut rub it in! And remind me why I am in Tennessee, sitting at this computer???????

  2. Beautiful pictures, may I add. I enjoy your pictures each day. Todays displays a beautiful sunset with people soaking in all it’s beauty.You have several great pictures of the people interacting with nature as it unfolds, they would be great if some them were in the Thanda House for Guest to see.Easy or hard day,I say have FUN!!And as always Thanks for sharing and Have a great one.

  3. Right, My heart goes out to you. What a wonder … Thank you so much for sharing everyday.

  4. Chris…what is the name of those beautiful flat topped trees I see all the time in photos of Africa?

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