Up the Mountain!

We tracked our Elephant herd for a long time when we spotted them going up a mountain. It is amazing how these huge creatures can move up a hill.

On the same game drive we found our four Lion cubs resting in a road after playing hard.

And on the way back to the lodge we had a good look at one of my favorite antelopes – female Nyalas.

Another hard day in Africa 🙂


2 Replies to “Up the Mountain!”

  1. An uplifting moment I’m sure. Thier are many hidden treasures within that mountian. Each day must be like a treasure hunt. I always love your cat pics.Great scenary with the Antelopes. I know it’s rough, but try not to work so hard!!!! I know someone has to do it, right!!! Have A Great One and thanks for sharing your hard labor!!! “smile laugh and be happy”

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