Great Tuskers

In 2008 I was for the first time at Tembe National Elephant Park (This picture was taken then).

Tembe is know for some of the greatest tuskers in Africa (=Elephants with very long tusks). I will be spending the next two days at this reserve and I hope I get to see some of these “teeth giants” 🙂

06936 - E - SIG

3 Replies to “Great Tuskers”

  1. AND you can even take your ipad and log into the live webcam whilst driving in other parts of the park so you can have a set of eyes keeping watch for the tuskers at the “Masahlela” waterhole hide. (I do this!)

  2. Great pic. You may run into to this guy again on this visit. Wouldn’t that be awesome!But he will be bigger and stronger now and have massive tusks. Have a fun filled trip!!

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