Gate guards and models!

The last few days I have been working in my office. Which is not bad, but not nearly as good as being out there on game drives. Even so, staying at Thanda house has its merits, too.

This morning our two male Cheetah came for a visit and acted as gate guards for a few hours.

20140718 - CS1_3452 - E

They also posed as models 🙂

20140718 - CS1_3449 - E

Yesterday, a journey of Giraffes and a dazzle of Zebras was grazing in front of the gate during midday.

20140718 - CS1_3407 - E


20140718 - CS1_3422 - E

And the day before our Elephants had a late afternoon drinking and bathing session at the waterhole on the south side of Thanda house.

20140716 - CS3_9906 - E

So, my time at the office got interrupted by some of my “wild friends” offering good sightings!

One Reply to “Gate guards and models!”

  1. So very jealous! But glad for you too! (By the way, suddenly I am having to type in my email and name each time I respond.??? It use to fill in automatically.)

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