Being close to Elephants is very special. I know that for many people it is terrifying. That is the reason why I make sure to keep a ‘comfort distance’ when driving with guests on safari.

But I personally do not mind to be close to these gentle giants as long as it is on their terms. Yesterday evening I was watching a breeding herd of Elephants from quite a distance when they decided to change direction and walk straight towards my vehicle. I set up my iPhone to take some video and I kept shooting with my cameras.

This picture is a closeup (taken with a 70mm lens) of an Elephant bull’s skin as he was passing in touching distance. It was exhilarating and calming at the same time to have these huge creators so very close.

I am planning to post some of the video footage this evening, but I thought you might enjoy this special picture!

Stay home and stay safe.

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