European Travel Journal 2021 – Post 1

I have arrived safely at my parents’ place in Germany after a rather pleasant flight, which was only half full. I only needed my test certificate once at check-in, together with a new online registration document for Switzerland at boarding. And no-one wanted to see my vaccination document so far.

I enjoyed my first lunch with my family at a Greek restaurant in Germany and my mum had some ‘Münchner Weisswürste’ with sweet mustard and fresh pretzels ready for supper.

Considering that this is the end of autumn going into winter in Europe the weather was very nice with sunshine and pleasant temperatures (above 10 degree Celsius).

Today’s picture was taken during take-off from Johannesburg airport with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography

On my first train ride in Switzerland from the airport to Frick (where my brother picked me up). PS: I only took the mask off for the picture
Autumn early morning mist through a train window
At Johannesburg airport waiting to board 😊

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