European Travel Journal 2021 – Post 7

Panther Chameleon at the Zurich Zoo

The new ‘Lewa Savanna’ at the Zürich Zoo is definitely worth a visit. I had a good look at this new exhibit and got a complete tour by the responsible curator.

Seven species (White Rhino, Reticulated Giraffes, Grevy’s Zebras, Scimitar Oryx, Impala, Ostrich and Helmeted Guineafowls) share the large savanna, which is dominated by five large Baobab trees. Spotted Hyenas, African Brush-tailed Porcupines and Meerkats are featured in exhibits around the Savanna. And as always when I visit the Zurich Zoo I spent a bit of time in the Masoala hall (a unique indoor rain forest).

I had a few more great meals with friends and with one of my brothers. I have a feeling that I will be able to count all these excellent lunches and dinners by looking at a scale!

After a visit to good friends at Lake Zürich I stopped by the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln in Switzerland. It has a most impressive church. Unfortunately I had not enough time to stay for one of the services to listen to the monk’s Gregorian chanting.

Before I returned to my parents home in Germany last night My route to took me to my old ‘home town’ called Zofingen in Switzerland. I lived their from 2000 to 2008. Another delicious lunch with friends!

Today’s picture is of a Panther Chameleon at the Masoala Rainforest Exhibit, Zürich Zoo, Switzerland.

Picture Data: Canon EOS R6 with RF 24-240mm lens.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography

Entrance to the new Lewa Savanna exhibit at the Zurich Zoo
Lewa Savanna
Giraffe at Lewa Savanna
Asian Elephants at the Zurich Zoo
Close-up of a Black Stork at the Zurich Zoo (shot with the iPhone portrait mode)
A Chameleon’s eye
Einsiedeln Abbey
The Abbey Church
A traditional ‘Creme Schnittli’ – delicious 😊
I love this sign of an Italian restaurant where I had dinner with my older brother

2 Replies to “European Travel Journal 2021 – Post 7”

  1. These photos are amazing and it looks like the food you are enjoying is amazing. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  2. Some superb photos (as always). Love the Black Stork, Chameleon’s eye and Christine and I both like the Creme Schnittli! Have a great time.

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