European Travel Journal 2021 – Post 9

My visit is almost at an end but this weekend I spent some more time with friends and family in Germany.

I enjoyed two more excellent lunches at ‘The Fuchshöhle’ and at the ‘Villa Martini’ in Bad Säckingen.

Tomorrow I will get a COVID-19 PCR test at the Zürich Airport and if everything goes well then I will be on a plane back to South Africa tomorrow night.

If you read all my travel post and looked at all the posted pictures then this trip looks a bit like a food tour. But I think that there are few better ways to spend quality time with family and friends then over a good meal.

I had a very enjoyable visit and I am looking forward to be back in April 2022.

Today’s picture is of tall trees in the Black Forest, Southern Germany.

Picture data: iPhone 12 Pro Max

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography

My niece and her boyfriend were ready for their Halloween party 🎉 (posing as Patrick Bateman and The Black Mamba 🎃)
My mum loved the Proteas, the South African national flower, which I found in a German flower shop.
A very tasty pumpkin risotto!
I love sour-cream ice cream!
An excellent Italian lunch!

2 Replies to “European Travel Journal 2021 – Post 9”

  1. We Brits seem to only use Pumpkin for cutting out at Halloween. I’ve not tasted any food made with it! Our Grandkids got dressed up for Halloween and their Mam (our daughter) brought them round to show us.

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