Smart Phone Photography!

Nowadays I take a lot of images and video clips with my iPhone, and in the last two years I have taught far more people ‘smart phone photography, than ‘proper camera photography’.

If you want to learn more about using a smart phone on game drives you might want to watch this video:

… or book a few nights and a complimentary photography lesson at Thanda Safari (

See you soon 😊

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3 Replies to “Smart Phone Photography!”

  1. That’s great if you want everything in focus, but if you want your subject to stand out, a proper camera is better. Having didn’t all that money to get on a safari, I wouldn’t scrimp on the photography!

  2. Christian,

    Your Phone Photography video was great. I learned a few things my iPhone has that did not know. It will help in taking pictures, especially the zoom factor. Future videos will be greatly helpful from your professional experience and insight. Personally, I hope you continue this insightful avenue.

    Mike NWTN Member


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