Christmas Sightings!

The Thanda guests enjoyed great sightings over the Christmas holidays.

20131226 - CS3_3935 - E - THANDA

Two young Elephant bulls giving a sparring demonstration …

20131224 - CS3_3846 - E - THANDA

… a White Rhino mum and her son hosting an Oxpecker party …

20131226 - CS3_4069 - E - THANDA

… a young Kudu bull in front of a beautiful Thanda vista …

20131226 - CS3_4293 - E - THANDA

… and Thanda’s dominant male Lion smacking his lips after a big meal!

Happy Holidays!

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve.

4 Replies to “Christmas Sightings!”

  1. Wonderful photographs
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. With those piercing eyes and such a clean face one might think that he was looking (at a meal)!! Awesome pics. Thinking of a new camera. I very much like your advice. Will send you an e-mail later. Have A Great One.

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