European Travel Journal 2021 – Post 4

The last two days I have spent with my family in the village in which I grew up and around the town where I went to school.

Yesterday evening my brothers and I had an excellent dinner at one of my favorite restaurants called ‘Die Fuchshöhle’ (the fox hole).

Today I went for a walk around a small lake near town. This was a great opportunity to capture the beautiful autumn color and some local wildlife.

And this evening my brothers, a niece, a nephew and I enjoyed visiting a small local fairground (which is called ‘Chilbi’ in Southern Germany). Great fun, especially for the ‘young ones’!

Today’s picture was taken at the ‘Bergsee’ (= lake in the hill) near the town of Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Picture data: Canon EOS R6 with RF 24-240mm lens.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography

An excellent dinner at The Fuchshöhle!
A new fountain in front of my Grammar school.
Bike racks and bike garages at the Bad Säckingen train station … a great idea!
A walk around the Bergsee.
Autumn …
… colors!
Local wildlife …
My niece and nephew having fun at the fairground!

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